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Through us, you will recover lost funds that will boost revenue and maximize

revenue cycle solutions

Fluctuating regulations and policies affect how payors rewrite their contracts, making them much more complex than in the past.

For this reason, you need a modern, comprehensive platform that identifies areas of opportunity within the revenue cycle to allow you to quickly react to recover losses and prevent re-occurrence.

DENIALS: 1 in 5 claims are denied on the 1st pass

An estimated 65-90% of denied claims are recoverable.
Unresolved denials equate to an average 3.3% net revenue loss per year.

While many systems manage denials, claims paid in the amount of $0 often fall through the cracks and can be lost or forgotten as an underpayment.

The average 350-bed hospital is missing out on 

$22 million 

in potential revenue per year!



RISK-FREE digital analysis of the past 12 months zero-balance accounts in as little as 2-3 weeks

Business Partners at Work

Our Recovery Services Team ensures our proprietary digital analysis is easy & efficient, with minimal input needed from staff

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Timelines for data retrieval, analysis, and recovery are followed throughout the project to keep you apprised of action steps and results

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In addition to funds recovered, the analysis provides valuable intelligence in terms of contract updates and management, as well as payor-payee relations

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Funding Advisors works directly with the payors who have allocated reserve funds to make organizations like yours whole in the event of uncovered underpayments

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