Our Recovery Services Team ensures data collection, implementation and analysis are simple and efficient, with minimal time invested

from your staff 

In instances of underpayment, the provider must prove that the insurance company’s obligations were unmet in each particular case.
Can your current staff do this?

This is where having the right technology and service

partner is so important.

FACR is averaging 23% in found underpayments;

and averages over 10% recovery of total patient claims revenue


Image by Scott Graham

Highly Skilled Analysts

Our analysts rework your claims through a proprietary software system designed to specifically address underpayments, as data is compared to contractual obligations and fee schedules. The system was created based on 25+ years of experience and intelligence-gathering across all types of healthcare systems and platforms


Seasoned Recovery Specialists 

Our specialists work directly with the payors on your behalf, appealing and recovering monies due your organization. The relationships our specialists and experts form with the payors are always professional and amicable. With vast experience working directly for and alongside the payors, our team understands the degree of difficulty in navigating the payor world and can interpret ambiguous and complex contracts to ensure effective, efficient and timely returns

Lawyer in Lobby

Legal Experts

While all project communications with the payors are amicable, and never threatening, it is imperative to have legal representation on our Recovery Services Team to ensure the payors respond to our requests and appeals for reconsideration in a timely manner.  Our legal experts ensure maximum recovered amounts, while protecting urgent timelines to guard against daily underpayment losses


Innovative Funding Advisors

Unique to the healthcare industry, our Funding Advisors coordinate and generate revenue for healthcare organizations, their foundations, philanthropic efforts, as well as first responder specific and general funds. Through our highly specialized program and services, we’re able to direct funds to initiatives that deliver the biggest impact for healthcare organizations, emergency response departments, their communities, citizens and efforts