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Claims Billing and Recovery

in a seamless workflow

Funding Advisors Claims Recovery provides an effortless solution bringing much-needed revenue to our nation's emergency response organizations.  FACR allows first responder departments that provide EMT/EMS and medical transport services to experience a seamless claims billing and recovery process, thus ensuring optimal reimbursement and the decrease of operational expenses, through more efficient workflow.  

​The result FACR delivers to emergency response organizations is not only protecting their bottom lines, but providing funding and resources to protect the health and well-being of our nation's first responders.  

While FACR has pivoted to demonstrate a stronger presence with first responder departments, as usual, FACR is working with clients in the healthcare industry - including smaller practices through large multi-state specialty and surgery centers, and even hospitals. 


The only constant in today’s emergency healthcare environment? Change.
Across the nation, healthcare policies, procedures and practices are changing - and so is the ability to keep up with claims billing and recovery strategies.
As an Emergency Response Department, how well are you keeping up with it?

Funding Advisors Claims Recovery provides emergency response departments and medical transport operations (land and air) with a simple, efficient strategy to streamline their billing and collections efforts, thus dramatically improving revenue and impacting the bottom line. 

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By driving better adherence to best practice...

and taking a more strategic approach… institutions could… improve by up to 6.4 percent of margin

The Advisory Board Company

June 27, 2017


After a period of reassessment of the organization's values, vision, mission and goals, FACR has chose to focus our work primarily with our nation's first responder departments.  It is in these exciting times that we bring to these departments a unique strategy in their claims billing and recovery efforts.  During this phase of reintegration into the industry, FACR is working with a select few pre-release clients; however, as always, FACR will still be working with healthcare clients, notably specialty and surgery centers.  During this time, the website will still be undergoing construction and upgrades; the fully complete site, along with offerings to be released in 2024.

Emergency Vehicles

What We Do

Assess your medical billing claims to determine the viability of your billing, collections and recovery efforts.  Analytical intelligence is then presented to demonstrate the health of this revenue stream, along with customized solutions to implement a more sophisticated and measurable, thus profitable, billing and recovery system. 

Helicopter Rescue

How It Works

A proprietary software, along with your own dedicated team of consultants, specialists and professionals provide your department with a unique, streamlined process that maximizes the efficiency and profit margins of your claims billing collections - all within one efficient system. Transfer is simple - set up is simple.  Dramatically increase and maximize your claims revenue within 30 days; and even recover lost and underpaid revenue going back 2 years or more. 

Get in Touch

If you're ready to eliminate confusion and underpaid medical billing claims - if you're ready to maximize medical billing claims income and generate more revenue for your department, contact us today to see if you qualify to partner in our pre-release program. 

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